Helping you help your child.

I work with Parents of children with special needs, who want to stop worrying about their child and instead learn a powerful parenting skillset That compassionately guides their child through development. What separates me from others in my field Is that as I child, I was diagnosed with a learning disability. My mother was told that I would not graduate high school and to not have any expectations for my future. Thankfully She dd not listen to the professionals. She worked with me and believed in me and together we defied their assumptions. I went on to obtain my Masters in Drama Therapy. This relationship and everything I have learnt these past 20 years working as a clinician specializing in Children, families and play has ignited a fire in me to spotlight the child parent relationship as the cornerstone for our potential. I love empowering parents to envision and work towards the best quality of life for their child.    

About me

  • Registered Drama Therapist 

  • RDI (Relationship Development Intervention 2007- 2019

Cindy has been a positive source of help and information while navigating parenthood with a child on the autism spectrum. She has provided many tips that are easily integrated into everyday life and has been supportive and put things in perspective especially when we feel like we are failing miserably at our role as parents. After our first session with Cindy, we felt like everything will be okay, it might not be always be easy but it will be okay.

— Current client

My son was diagnosed with ASD around 4 years ago and started to see Cindy for assistance almost immediately. Over the past few years, I have learned and followed many of her suggestions. It has worked for my son that is the reason I still seek her services and advice on a regular basis. She is a phone call away if I need anything and I don't know how to deal with a situation that my son reacted or said. I would strongly suggest having her services when dealing with ASD that come with anxieties and sensitivity issues. 

— Current client