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Working with parents of children with special needs, who want to stop worrying about their child and instead learn a powerful parenting skillset that compassionately guides their child through development . 


Free consultation 

 Parent Coaching

Through a combination of education, tools, and play exercises, I help parents better understand their children with special needs and assist with building new neural connections that boost development. 

Child-based Play/Drama Therapy

Through the use of Play, I construct an environment that encourages experience-based learning to target 


Trainings and Workshops

I offer up a variety of developmental and attachment-based training for day care a school staff 

With the goal of providing them education, tools and exercises around the child with special needs. 


I am a Drama Therapist using a combination of Attachment Theory and Play-based interventions to guide parents of children with information processing disorders help rebuild neuro-connectibity. 

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